Insomnia: Ayurvedic Ways To Treat

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Insomnia: Ayurvedic Ways To Treat

Insomnia is a sleep disorder which troubles a person during sleep, either falling or staying asleep. The condition could be short-term, long-term or reoccurring. In Ayurveda, Insomnia, known as Anidra, is an outcome of a specific imbalance in one of the three doshas, Tarpakha Kapha, Prana Vayu or Sadhaka pita. These are a few ways that might help you recover from insomnia.

Abhyanga (oil massage):
Massages with light pressure and stimulating oils on the head and scalp help to regulate blood flow resulting in a night of good sleep.

Draksha (grapes):
Consumption of grapes at night can help with the problem of insomnia as grapes contain melatonin which reduces radical components from the body helping with sleep.

Samvahna (full body massage):
A harmonising full body massage with soft materials such as silk and fluffy brushes and aromatic oils such as rose jasmine, lavender and almond oil. It also comprises a steam bath which offers help with insomnia.

Ikshu (sugarcane):
Consumption of foods with a sweeter taste is seen as a magical tonic and can help with the problem of insomnia. Sugarcane juices are rich in tryptophan, which forms serotonin which lowers stress levels and regulates mood resulting in good and healthy sleep.

Medhya Rasayana ( nootropic herbs):
The literal translation of Medhya Rasayana is the rejuvenation of brainpower and intellect. Plants such as ashwagandha, Brahmi, and tulsi fall in this category. Consumption of these plants before sleep may help with memory and regulates normal sleep.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical practice that leads to a proper lifestyle. Insomnia is a disorder where a person lacks sleep and drains his mental health. Ayurveda practices help to regulate the blood flow with natural oil massages and also help in relaxing the body to achieve calm sleep.

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